Behavioral Center

Behavioral Center

Get the dog you’ve always wanted. Our experienced staff will work with both you and your dog.






You want everyone to see the wonderful dog you have, but if your dog is pulling on the leash, lunging at other dogs or people, growling, barking incessantly, jumping, not coming when called, well that might not be happening.

By using Rocksteady Kennels Confident Companion Program that goal can become a reality. Geared to meet the needs of both dog and owner our 3 week program teaches your dog proper behavior. In addition to our individualized training sessions, your dog will become part of the Rocksteady Pack joining in on pack walks and social time daily. Learning is made fun for the dogs with activities such as retrieving, treadmill, walks and socials.




This 4 week program is designed to take a whole dog approach to training.  We will delve into not only the training end of the equation, but also the medical, structural physical aspect of the dog.  We will look at the nutrition end of things too.  You may be surprised how much nutrition and physical structure of your dog affects their behavior.  Your dog will enjoy not only their training time, but also pack walks and socials with the dogs here at Rocksteady Kennels.  With 34 acres to learn on, plus our road trips to Home Depot, Lowe’s and town your dog will experience as many real world activities as he can imagine.




Building a good relationship with your dog is vital if you want to have a well balanced, behaved dog.  Bringing the owner and dog together for the lessons helps achieve that goal.  Building trust with your dog shows them that you are worthy of their trust in return.  If a dog trusts you, a dog will try to please you.  Fulfilling a dogs needs and desires builds the trust.  I teach you how to satisfy him so it is easier to teach him to satisfy you.  Training should be fun that is most important.

1st Session is $200 and lasts 2 hours.  Each additional session is $75/hour.

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Behavioral Center

Get the dog you’ve always wanted. Our experienced staff will work with both you and your dog.         CONFIDENT COMPANION PR…

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